COOFIT Handbag Black,Women Tote Bag Nylon Black Womens Handbags Shoulder Bags for Women (Black 3)


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Price: £20.99
(as of Nov 22,2020 02:24:50 UTC – Details)

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Handbag Black

In their free time, mothers can ride bicycles and go out shopping with this beautiful bag, which is both economical . I believe this bag will give you a different feeling.

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Detailed structure

The Handbag Black is light and easy to use. This side pocket can hold a mobile phone. At the same time, the cloth is made of Oxford cloth, splash-proof, scratch-resistant, and durable. The connecting hook is also free to remove. The hand strap is also a good choice for weight reduction.

Front and back

Front and back

Side and bottom

Side and bottom



Front and back

There is a zipper on the back of this bag, which can hold small things and bring convenience to everyone.

Side and bottom

This Women Tote Bag is made of Oxford cloth, which is splash-proof, scratch-resistant and durable.


This Nylon Black Womens Handbags can hold not only children’s children’s items, but also cosmetics, glasses, thermos, umbrellas, watches, coats, etc.


Take kids shopping

This Handbag Black is convenient for mothers to take their children to go shopping on weekends. This bag can contain some children’s supplies, such as baby’s diapers, changing clothes, wet tissues, baby bottles, etc., for emergency needs.

Grocery shoppingGrocery shopping


This bag mother usually goes shopping and carries it, which is a beautiful scenery. At the same time, it can also reduce your burden.

Material: Made of oxford cloth material, splash-proof, scratch-proof and durable
Large capacity: This diaper bag is designed for keeping messy things, such as baby cloth, snacks, diapers, bottles and so on
Bottle insulated bag: The insulated bag is designed with quality insulated performance, convenient to use
Application: Ideal shoulder tote for travel, shopping, picnicking and work etc.