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We visited Nike, Adidas and Under Armor to see which store wears the best of athletics – the winner shocked us

Among the titans of sportswear retailers, Under Armor is considered the loser. But recently the brand has seen success – it announced favorable earnings for its first quarter defied expectations.

All three brands have their own distinct brand. Nike renewed commitment female athletes distinguished the brand from its competitors, especially in the wake of the 2019 Women's World Cup – Nike sponsored 14 of the 24 teams in this year's tournament, including the winning US team.

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We visited the Nike and Adidas flagship stores to see which brand is best for serving women. The winner was obvious.

Adidas' collaboration with Beyoncé it will probably help the brand reach more women. As for Under Armor, analysts say the company has faced competition with other brands that resonate better with women, CNBC reported.

We have visited all three stores to see for themselves that they are targeting a wider clientele and what a superior buying experience. We were shocked when Under Armor won us over with its store layout, low prices and emphasis on performance-enhancing clothes.

Read our journey below:

We started our journey in the Nike flagship store on Fifth Avenue.

The renewed interest of Nike for women in 2019 was immediately evident in the shop: several female mannequins in uniform from all over the world were lined up at the entrance.

The main showroom was full of images and videos of female athletes. It seemed more like entering a museum than entering a shop.

There were different sections for different countries: some of the uniforms were displayed behind the glass.

But some were available for purchase. The US women's national soccer team, sponsored by Nike, had just won the Women's World Cup, so the store was especially busy the day we stopped.

We found a diagram that explains that the Nike Vapor jerseys are made with almost 100% recycled polyester.

And we found an elegant guide that explains all the advantages that derive from the download of the Nike application and the participation to NikePlus.

Upstairs, the women's section was full of sportswear of all colors and sizes.

These pink shorts were going for $ US30.

We found the famous plus size mannequin and a section of plus size items, including a pink sports bra for $ US75.

Source: Business Insider

We also found a great selection of yoga clothes next to this mannequin in a camel pose.

The men's section also had great offers – this shirt that referred to the Nike spokesman Colin Kaepernick was $ US $ 50.

Much of the Nike store was focused on the experience: there was an entire floor dedicated to the Nike Sneaker Lab, where customers could take a look at the latest Nike models and products. But still, this gave the store a theatrical and unattainable atmosphere. We seemed to be looking more like shopping.

There were walls on the walls of different models of shoes.

On the fifth floor, Nike Expert Studio provided personal services to NikePlus members.

Walking through this multicolored light tunnel up to the fifth floor seemed to be transported to a different dimension. In general, the whole store was focused on the shopping experience more than anything else.

Then we walked along Fifth Avenue to the Adidas flagship store.

This Adidas store was clearly taking advantage of the classic design that made it popular.

The main room has a lot of open space, but in the center was a small display of the classic Stan Smith sneakers.

Even though the main room seemed less museum than Nike's, it still felt a bit stiff and bare.

Furthermore, we were unable to find many feminine goods on the first floor, which could change after Beyoncé's adidas athleisure line was launched.

We noticed that some items were for sale, so we went upstairs to see more clothes.

On the way upstairs, we came across a statue of Adi Dassler – the founder and creator of Adidas – with a rather thoughtful air.

There were also some glass displays that highlighted real life superheroes in New York.

The men's section was pretty simple. All the essentials were there – plus a large shoe section.

Like Nike, this Adidas store has also focused on experience. We found an area where customers can test the way they kick a soccer ball.

Nearby, we found a center to customize shirts and sweaters.

We went downstairs into the women's section and found a floor full of sports bras, leggings and other women's clothes.

Essentially every mannequin here was in great shape.

Most of the clothes here were pretty simple. There was a large selection of lavender items.

And we found these Pride themed shorts for $ US30 …

… as well as a huge wall full of shoes.

For the most part, Adidas has offered nothing special outside the experimental add-ons in the store. The merchandise was not up to our expectations and no significant female emancipation occurred. At this point, Nike was in the lead.

Then we headed to the Under Armor Brand House in the World Trade Center.

From the beginning, we knew it would not be an experience on the Nike and Adidas flagship scale: this store was one storey and significantly smaller, so we kept it in mind.

We were greeted on the front line by male and female mannequins, which was a refreshing change.

Despite the size of the store, there was something more relaxing in the atmosphere of Under Armor.

There were several sections for men's and women's clothing – but in general, the store seemed to flow naturally between the two sections. There were no rigid barriers between the options of men and women.

We found a section of Pride-wear as part of Under Armor's commitment to supporting equality for all athletes.

C was a sale in progress, so the prices were glorious. These pink sports bras have caught our attention.

We loved the colors of these leggings – with a 50% discount, the price was also captivating.

The men's section also had a good amount of options.

We found the Project Rock collection that characterized the Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson line with Under Armor …

… as well as this display for the Under Armor line's Rush, which uses special fabric to maximize strength and performance.

Source: Under Armor

In the shoe section there were comfortable seats for customers who sat while trying on shoes.

This soft pink shoe paid tribute to basketball player Dennis Smith Jr. and his exercises that helped him become one of the best jumpers in the game – he called them "Bunny Pack".

Overall, the entire store seemed focused on providing athletes with the best clothes to perform at their best.

There was also a sleepwear section to help athletes recover during the night.

The dressing room was full of inspirational decorations.

This image in one of the rooms evoked Rosie the Riveter – and we were big fans.

Overall, Under Armor has won us over with its display focused on performance and fascinating merchandise. He also impressed us with his delicate balance in representing all athletes, regardless of gender. Although not focused on the experience like the Nike and Adidas stores, Under Armor still took the dessert this time.

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