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This hateful metro pilot lost his head when two lesbian women kissed / LGBTQ Nation

Photos: Twitter video screens

This week, a woman pushing a stroller he went absolutely strong after seeing two lesbian women kissing on a subway in Barcelona, ​​Spain. One of the lesbians, Carla Gallén, published a video on the lesbophobe online rant.

In a tweet (below), Gallén wrote: "On Wednesday afternoon, my partner and I suffered a homophobic attack on the underground. A woman insulted and attacked us for a kiss."

In the video, the woman uses insults and insults against the lesbian couple and even calls her gay brother "f * ggot". Here are some of his hateful lines from the video:

D * ke, d * ke what are you going to do with a video? … you disgust me, I have a gay brother, but he doesn't kiss in front of me because he respects me ….

If you want respect, you must also respect me … Stop recording or I'll take your phone …. This c * cksucker is recording me.

Here is the video of the woman's rant full of madness:

Said Gallén, "Insults and threats continued for 10 minutes. In the middle of a wagon full of people. No one moved a finger. It is very easy to put" badges "on the day of pride, but LGBTQIA + people continue to suffer daily violence with this type of aggression ".

Reportedly, Gallén and his partner told the police about the incident and the Observatory against Homophobia, a regional organization that monitors anti-LGBTQ discrimination.

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This video of public harassment barely comes a week after another video has become viral by a homophobe at McDonald's threatening to "beat the gays" of a gay man during Barcelona's Pride weekend. The homophobic was infuriated by the gay man's clothes he considered inappropriate even if it was simply a denim suit and a bright green tank top.

Both videos show the fanatics and their irrational pre-occupation with the gendered expression of the police police.

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