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The yellow clover loses the window but gains potential partners | Local news

A clothing designer at Keene left his showcase for a shared space on Main Street.

Sarah Prost of Surry owns Yellow Clover, a line of women's clothing. For the past seven years, he has hosted his operations at 7 Roxbury Street, a shop window painted yellow with bright flowers outside. In addition to working on his projects, Prost used the space for Yellow Clover General, a store that has evolved over the years from a shop with constant hours to a pop-up business for holidays and special occasions. The general yellow clover sold gifts hand-made by local artists, including home decorations, ceramics, jewelery and bags, as well as his own designs.

At the beginning of this year, however, Prost said that a new owner bought it, and the rent would increase, so he left Roxbury Street in mid-May.

"It was a bit of a shock and a not very good timing, but everything always works," he said.

Prost said he had his second child this year and is taking some time to focus on the family. While still doing custom sewing and wedding dresses, Prost is moving away from his collections and for the time being wholesale.

But she plans to Yellow Clover behind the corner. Prost shares the space of the second floor on Main Street with Billies & Tilli, a flower and plant designer, and said that companies will collaborate for future workshops and possible wedding packages. Prost also intends to return to its collections within about a year.

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