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The best travel clothing for women

Nothing beats the feeling of coming out of the driveway on a Friday afternoon, a three-volume car with tears at the joints with gears, 48 ​​hours of freedom and a loose course. Having put too many miles of what I am interested in admitting on my faithful cherry red Impreza, I have found that suitable travel clothing can sometimes make or break a journey.

Whether you are traveling for the weekend, for a whole month or for an entire season, it's a beauty to do your routine. We have compiled a list of our favorite women's travel dresses for intermediate moments, when really all you want is to be comfortable.

Native La Reina

Photo credits: Native La Reina

Without a solid pair of sunglasses, a summer trip can turn from a carefree joy to a crushed frustration. La Reina shades have become my point of reference for long car rides, with an extra wide frame for cat eyes that blocks the abundance of sun and temples and cushioned nose pads that hold them securely.

Native also uses N3 ™ lens technology, which blocks up to four times the amount of infrared light compared to traditional polarized lenses, and their robust bi-resin frame is constructed from a vegetable base to help offset carbon dioxide emissions .


Photo credit: SAOLA Semnoz II

A shoe company with an environmental awareness, SAOLA Shoes is committed to raising the level for sustainable production. Semnoz II shoes feature an upper of recycled plastic bottles, algae foam soles, organic cotton laces and cork insoles.

Not only are the materials environmentally friendly, but the shoes are among the most comfortable I've ever worn. The elastic ankle cuff lets you slide your feet with or without socks and the lightweight design makes them easy to carry in a duffel bag for maximum comfort.

Hemp beach pants from the island of Patagonia

Patagonia Hemp Island trousers

Photo credits: Patagonia Hemp Island pants

Hemp has entered the scene among the tons of brands open this year, and for good reason.
Sustainable fiber does not require irrigation or synthetic fertilizers, can grow practically anywhere and is incredibly soft and breathable.

Unsurprisingly, Patagonia's Island Hemp Beach Pants are as long as you are on vacation. These wide trousers fit perfectly into your bedroom clothing, with a lightweight construction in cotton and hemp blend that breathes well in hot weather, but is sturdy enough to withstand weekend camping trips.

The tapered ankle is great when you want to slide your legs for wading in shallow waters, and the drawstring waist is easy to adjust for a snug fit.

Title Nine alpha

Photo Credit: Title Nine Alpha

When you've been traveling all day, it's nice to throw something that makes you feel a little together, or at least fool everyone around you.

The fabric of the title Nove & # 39; s Buttah ™ is, yes, you guess it, soft as butter, made of polyester microfiber and spandex fabric that extends in the right places, with anti-humidity properties that make you feel fresh.

I like to throw it after a hot day on the track, rinse my face with water and go back to the field. Throwing a dress counts as a shower, right?

Sherpa Asha Top

Photo credit: Sherpa Asha Top

Sometimes sitting in the same place for hours may seem more grueling than climbing a mountain. Sherma's Asha Top makes long rides much more bearable, with an incredibly soft Tencel rayon construction perfect for naps in the back seat.

Drirelease technology is breathable, breathable and antimicrobial (so you can wear it all week without washing it) and the wide neck and A-line cut are perfect with anything: running shorts, climbing pants, jeans, baselayer, you name it.

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