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Pamplin Media Group – New boutique a mix of clothing, home furnishings

Little Bird Boutique opens last month and specializes in women's clothing and other items

GRAPHIC PHOTO: GARY ALLEN - Timi Schulze's Little Bird Boutique was born as a business house before opening the brick office in Malta on First Street in Newberg.

What started as an online business in 2017 has become a complete brick and mortar business this summer.

The Little Bird Boutique, 606 E. First St., is owned by Timi Schulze. He said the store focuses mainly on women's clothing, household items and other gifts. In 2017, he mainly sold his products online, with some occasional events at his Sherwood home. It would also participate in local markets.

"I decided that this spring it was time to stop traveling and create a permanent brick and mortar store," he said.

In the end, Schulze said a friend found the location in Newberg, where she jumped. He added that the exposed brick walls and old floors made it an attractive place.

"It's an incredible space," he said. "It was child's play."

According to its website,, Schulze looks after "women's clothing and jewelry collections that are both elegant and practical for everyday life, focusing on clothing styles from the Pacific Northwest, ideal for our time rainy and active lifestyles ".

"It was time to get out of my house," he said he wanted to launch a bigger business. "I have always loved fashion and putting clothes together for people and after a couple of years it has become a business."

The shop is open from 10:00 to 18:00 Tuesday to Saturday and from 11:00 to 16:00 on Sunday. It is closed on Mondays.

"We are open and we are offering women's clothing at reasonable prices and decorations and gifts for the home," he said.

The store had its inauguration on June 7 during the First Friday Art Walk. Schulze said he had a large stake, with about 450 people going through the door that night.

"It was an incredibly welcoming month," he said.

In addition to clothing and furnishings, Schulze said that his activity offers various events during the month, ranging from sign-making and art lessons to painting lessons by number, glass engravings and more . There are some events per month, which can be found on the company Facebook page on

There is also a mezzanine level of the store where photographers meet with customers, he said.

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