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Nordstrom Men & # 39; s Concept 005 "Union & Company"

Nordstrom continues its high-impact "New Concepts" series with its fifth iteration: Union & Company. Stalwart's California retailer, Union LA, has teamed up with many friends to offer a wide range of exclusive products, designed exclusively for Nordstrom.

Footprints of international renown like RHUDE, Marni and Fear of God join forces with the likes of No Vacancy Inn and Our Legends, complemented by the smoothly in-house Union line and the welcoming products of the reigning champion. Extremely essential for the summer such as the No Vacancy Inn graphic sweatshirt, the Marni studded hoods and the Jordan Jordan Union suit trousers match the seasonal accessories such as the lightweight Reigning Champ blanket, the Bornxraised beach towel and the stockings of RHUDE brand. A cohesive wardrobe full of personality emerges from the well-kept exclusives, complete with accessible items and valuable items.

Buy the new items above The Nordstrom website and select Nordstrom storefronts.

More recently, HYPEBEAST Japan has selected Union's Tokyo branch as one of Harajuku's top retailers.

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