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Islamic state terrorist group that has Voice of America video messages mounted

It seems that media agents of the Islamic State have reorganized themselves, at least in part, to show the world that the terrorist organization is living its motto of "staying and expanding" despite the lack of a physical caliphate.

For almost a month, the group's main media outlets have been pulling out a series of videos showing fighters promising loyalty, or renewing their commitments, to IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Officials and intelligence analysts say that so far the group, also known as ISIS or its Arabic acronym Daesh, has produced and disseminated eight of these videos with the title "The best result is for the Pious".

The video series "aims to show that ISIS has not been defeated and that its militants in different parts of the world remain loyal to their leaders," a US anti-terrorism official told VOA.

The IS media representatives published the most recent video last Wednesday, the first video ever made by the Turkish province of the terrorist group.

"If you think that by weakening the Islamic State and its soldiers, who are diverted from their path or leave their jihad, you have great disappointment," said a fighter, identified as Abu Qatada al-Turki, according to a translation of the SITE Intelligence Group.

Turki further threatened Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, calling him an "arrogant tyrant".

"Don't think that the swords of the Caliphate soldiers are far from you or those on your side," he warned.

Previous videos have highlighted fighters from the IS provinces of West Africa, Sinai, East Asia (Philippines), the Caucasus, Afghanistan, Libya and Azerbaijan, a & # 39 other first.

Some of the videos featured large groups of fighters. Others, like the video from Turkey and another from Azerbaijan, have five and three fighters respectively.

Yet it is the feeling that, in this case, size does not matter.

Along with the videos, there has been a constant drumbeat of IS official statements, celebrating attacks on government and civilian forces in places like Nigeria, Mozambique, Afghanistan, the Philippines and Tunisia. And IS's leadership seems attentive to the need for operational security to maintain momentum.

"We really expect ISIS to show us a terror training camp with 200 ready and ready fighters," Raphael Gluck, co-founder of Jihadoscope, a company that monitors online activity of Islamic extremists, has told the VOA in an e-mail.

"ISIS is in insurrection mode but wants to remind you that its presence and influence remain everywhere," he added.

And while IS has long been practiced in the art of smoke and mirrors, finding ways to look bigger than it actually is, the rejection of the latest videos could be a mistake.

"There is no doubt that the group has a presence in these places," according to Thomas Joscelyn, a senior fellow of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Organizational integrity

Furthermore, the fact that the videos were released by the group's official media is significant.

"It is one thing that groups do bay (promises of loyalty), but it is a much more serious affair when the highest levels of Islamic state leadership accept their allegiance," said Jade Parker, a former analyst of counter-terrorism in support of US military activities.

"Is it possible that the central Islamic state recognizes its external governance entities first in the provincial development process than they did previously?" Added Parker. "The external provinces would still need to overcome a common minimum benchmark of organizational requirements".

That IS maintained such a strong level of organizational integrity that it worried US intelligence officials for months, some warning that fighters fleeing the caliphate collapse in Syria and Iraq would find refuge in IS branches in more than a dozen countries, including Turkey.

As for the analysts, in addition to the videos, there has been a constant drumbeat of the statements of the IS, which celebrated attacks on government and civilian forces in places like Nigeria, Mozambique, Afghanistan, the Philippines and Tunisia.

Raphael Gluck of the jihadoscope believes that the constant flow of propaganda is unlikely to decrease.

"ISIS could still cause some surprises with other videos from Europe and the West," he said. "From this point, it seems that Wilayat Internet" (internet province) is very important. "

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