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Is it possible to wear a white suit head to head?

I love getting dressed for the summer and I love the look of white clothes in theory, but every time I put a white dress in a locker room, it looks right out and seems too daunting. Is there any trick to pull off the white butt that I miss? – Sharon, Toronto

Your question has struck a chord: I am also a person who loves the sun and fun, but I gravitate towards all black most of the time. I put on a black suit and a sun hat when I visited a friend in Charleston, South Carolina, a while ago and I immediately realized the error of my ways while I was watching people. The local beach girls looked fresh and bright in whites, pastels and bright colors, while I resembled a member of the Addams Family stolen.

With that in mind, I called an expert to help us fine-tune our comfort with pale palettes: Jessica Tan, a marketing and event professional who co-founded the Toronto edition of Diner en Blanc. Have you ever heard of the pop-up picnic? This is a concept of Parisian invitations that will arrive in Toronto for its eighth edition on August 7th. Participants will be invited to meet in a shared secret location just a few minutes before the eccentric picnic begins – and participants will have to wear all white to-toe. (No cream! No beige!)

The result is epic: thousands scattered in a public park or a square in bright white, toasting in the summer. "I experimented for the first time with Diner en Blanc in Montreal and I realized that it was something that had to happen in Toronto: it's the people who come together to enjoy a space in the city in a unique way," says Tan from ; event run by volunteers. "The founding family in Paris had an annual picnic and dressed in white to be able to recognize one another when they met in the crowded Bois de Boulogne park." Today there are 17,000 people on the waiting list for the Toronto event and about 2,500 who will be lucky enough to participate.

"I felt so special when I wore white to attend my first event," says Tan. "It seemed to embrace the summer in its entirety." In fact, says Tan, he actually wears much more white since he realized how uplifting the shadow can be. "White is so clear and clean that it takes you to a level of safety and personality".

Your clothing should not be formal (a word often synonymous with discouraging) or perfectly starched like a white shirt. In fact, as in the case of more summer outfits, a relaxed approach is the best. C & # 39; is a photo of the model Kate Moss that I often think. He wears a white T-shirt casually tucked in white jeans with wide legs and black pumps; her hair is pulled back at random. His vibration in the photo is perfection (in part perhaps because he is Kate Moss and partly perhaps because he is holding a Johnny Depp, then young and unpainted). However, her clothing looks easy to wear and shows that it is not always necessary to combine shoes with your look. (Apart from sneakers and sandals – Birkenstocks in particular – the white shoes give me a break.)

There are practical concerns, I know, to wear all white. You have to choose resistant and high quality fabrics for the funds, to not give the world a little show because of transparency. Denim generally serves the wearer well in this regard.

Even having your fresh spotted dress is certainly a daunting prospect. Tan scoffs and serves a liberal sense of common sense. "Everyone is afraid of white because of the risk of getting dirty, but you could also wear something pink and get dirty," he says. "Drinking that first glass of red wine while wearing white might be scary, but then top it." Honestly, a glass of wine helps me get through most things.

Moreover, since we are discussing the practicality of warm weather, white can be an unexpected ally: the shade does not show the sweat or the strips of sun protection. (I accidentally drooled a mineral suntan lotion on my black t-shirt about twice a day.)

Finally, to make sure that your all-white suit is fresh and not fussy, stay true to simple, trendy silhouettes Kate Moss. Wide-legged pants and a tank need only a market tote as a final note. Likewise, a slippery dress looks perfect paired with a flat sandal and a sun hat: no layering or accessories are required. Feel free to channel your new confidence even in autumn and winter. The old cliché on white shelving after Labor Day is wildly outdated. "The white of winter is so cool!", Exclaims Tan, and the famous catwalk designers from Victoria Beckham to Tom Ford are in agreement.

Once you've worn and pulled out, wearing white, it turns out, it's surprisingly easy – and feminine, flattering and fun. And if you're still stressed, simply refer to Tan's counsel: "Take it. Just pack a tide stick."

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fashion_style/2019/07/12/is-it-possible-to-pull-wearing-head-to-toe-white/urbanoutfiters.jpg” srcset=”×669/smart/filters:cb(1562880158675)/ 968w,×587/smart/filters:cb(1562880158675)/ 850w,×449/smart/filters:cb(1562880158675)/ 650w,×418/smart/filters:cb(1562880158675)/ 605w,×414/smart/filters:cb(1562880158675)/ 599w,×332/smart/filters:cb(1562880158675)/ 480w,×276/smart/filters:cb(1562880158675)/ 400w,×221/smart/filters:cb(1562880158675)/ 320w” alt=”Urban Outfitters hat, $ 49,” style=”max-height:650px”/>
H & M at the top, $ 20,

G. jeans with tag, $ 415,

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Reform sandals, $ 335,

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Banana Republic exchange, $ 145,

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