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Comparison of Nike, Adidas and Under Armor stores: which is better?

Among the titans of sportswear retailers, Under Armor is considered the loser. But recently the brand has seen success – it announced favorable earnings for its first quarter defied expectations.

All three brands have their own distinct brand. Nike renewed commitment female athletes distinguished the brand from its competitors, especially in the wake of the 2019 Women's World Cup – Nike sponsored 14 of the 24 teams in this year's tournament, including the winning US team.

Read more: We visited the Nike and Adidas flagship stores to see which brand is best for serving women. The winner was obvious.

Adidas' collaboration with Beyoncé will probably help the brand reach more women. As for Under Armor, analysts say the company has faced competition with other brands that resonate better with women, CNBC reported.

We have visited all three stores to see for themselves that they are targeting a wider clientele and what a superior buying experience. We were shocked when Under Armor won us over with its store layout, low prices and emphasis on performance-enhancing clothes.

Read our journey below:

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