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After the kimono row, Kim Kardashian West accused of plagiarizing sunglasses for her collection

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Kim Kardashian West recently collaborated with eyeglass designer Carolina Lemke to develop an exclusive collection of sunglasses. (Source: photo of the file)

It was only recently that Kim Kardashian West faced the backlash for naming her latest line of "Kimono" shapewear, forcing her to change her name, and has already found herself in the middle of another controversy.

Plagiarism has been a troublesome problem for a long time in the fashion world, with designers calling themselves one to copy their designs. Managing Instagram Diet Prada has made a name for itself to maintain a constant watch over its instances. And the last celebrity to be called by them is West.

The fashionista recently collaborated with eyeglass designer Carolina Lemke to develop an exclusive collection of sunglasses. But they seem to resemble a pair of Emilio Pucci.

"Hey @kimkardashian, so it's not nice to use someone else's name and likeness when promoting knockoffs, as your victory against @missguided shows, but should you use your name and likeness to promote them? Lol. Funny like those shades of SS17 @ emiliopucci you wore in August 2018 ended up in your collaboration with @carolinalemkeberlin launched in this year's April. Hypocrisy at its best !? "wrote the handle while sharing the images that show how similar shades are.

It is all the more ironic because last February he filed a lawsuit against the American company Missguided for using his photos to promote their products without his permission. He won the case and got $ 2.7 million.

The entrepreneur was recently accused of cultural appropriation – which is seen as an act of adopting elements of an external culture, often a minority one that includes practices and symbols without understanding or respecting the original culture and context – while launching his collection of inclusive shapewear. The name, borrowed from traditional Japanese clothing, had aroused the anger of many by forcing it to rename it.

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Recently, singer and actor Rihanna was also accused of cultural appropriation for her glamorous photo shoot on a magazine cover.

A post on Instagram by Harper's Bazaar China says that the idea behind the cover of August and internal dissemination was to combine an icon of Western style as Rihanna with the Oriental aesthetic. In the photos, you can see the singer in multiple looks with references to Chinese cultural symbols such as fans in his hair, thin eyebrows and even with a shih tzu (a breed of dog developed in China) in one of the images.

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Rihanna also took Instagram to publish the first look of her cover photos in which she can be seen posing in various geisha-style outfits.

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