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"The clothes get bigger and bigger as the boutiques follow the main road to make fashion more inclusive

Ithe clothes have become larger as the boutiques begin to follow the main path in making fashion more inclusive.

The London brand RIXO is only three years old, but now the clothes are seen on Instagram. The characteristic fancy dresses have been worn by stars like Margot Robbie, Holly Willoughby and Kylie Minogue and are generally seen by fashionistas as a must have.

The co-founders have recently decided to change their size; while initially they were as small as a size eight, an average of 10 and a large of 12, now they have added three extra dimensions. This means that the small clothes are now 10, medium 12 and large 14.

Henrietta Rix, the co-founder of RIXO, said The Telegraph tthey made the change as soon as they were big and established enough to do so.

He said: "Our customers are at the center of everything we do! We want women of all ages, shapes and sizes to be able to wear one of our pieces and feel incredible.

"Until today we are still self-financed and as soon as we have grown enough to be able to invest in the business again, the first one we did was to focus on size and fit, firstly by offering another three sizes and expanding our size range. XXS (UK 6) to XL (UK 16). Since we have expanded the amount of dimensions we have been able to offer, it has allowed us to review exactly what we have called our sizes and make sure they were true to their size. "

She and her co-founder Orlagh McCloskey have recently hired a permanent garment technician to perfect the fit of their clothes so they are more flattering.

Rix added: "We constantly consider customer feedback and listen to women who wear RIXO, so we can continue to improve and offer our customers the best experience. We will include even more sizes as we grow to ensure we are the best more inclusive, authoritative and challenging as possible for our customers and to continue to grow our extraordinary #HumansOfRIXO community. "

Last year H & M made a similar move after customers complained that its size was too small.

Their European sizing meant that clothes often looked small. While a UK 12 size is equivalent to EUR 40, the conversion of the size to H & M meant that clothes of this size were labeled as EUR 38, which is actually a size 10.

However, after customer complaints, the store made a change, which meant an item that would have been previously labeled as size 12 is now size 10, and an item previously marked with 20 is now an 18.

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