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Reese Witherspoon puts on a leggy display in a sexy red dress

Reese Witherspoon caught the attention of her 18.3 million followers on Instagram a few hours ago when she shared a sexy snapshot of herself as she swung a bold red caramel dress.

The photo showed the 43-year-old actress sitting on the stairs with her knees pressed while the high slit on her dress allowed her to show off her long, toned legs.

The elegant wraparound neckline dress with shoulder straps on the shoulders embraced her breast in order to highlight her sinuous shape leaving her very imaginative.

Reese paired her sexy red dress with matching shoes that seemed to have slipped with a single band over her toes. The angle at which the photo was taken made it impossible to know if they were heels or flats. Witherspoon, however, joked about the caption that he was taking off his shoes in order to dance.

With his hand resting on his ankle, some of his followers have speculated in the comments that the shoes could have had back straps that had been torn off and pushed away before the photo was taken.

Not wanting to focus too much on her bold outfit, Reese kept things simple in the cosmetics department with a dark eye shadow to make her eyes burst. The actress also opted for a simple haircut while her blond and brown locks ran down her shoulder and her neck in billowing waves.

In a few hours, his impressive Instagram flooded the sizzling photo with nearly 400,000 likes and over 3,000 comments.

"You are a beautiful person inside and out. I have always loved you as an actress. Thank you for sharing your life on Insta, now I also love you as a person. God bless you and your family", a fan gushed in the comments.

Some of his fans admitted that they wanted to be able to appreciate the captivating photo more than once.

However, there were some of his followers of Witherspoon who questioned the candles in the background. A follower claimed that the huge amount of wax that dripped from the candles was giving them anxiety. Some have even expressed concerns about burning candle wax.

A few hours after Reese published the fierce instant, 52-year-old Halle Berry also commented on the photo with love.

"I MEAN," Berry wrote in capital letters before adding a fire emoji to the end of his caption.

In addition to Berry, many others have left nothing but fire and heart emojis in the comments of the sexy shot.

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