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DARK PHOENIX VFX Spoiler Stills Showcase Jean's Villainous Transformation And More

Dark Phoenix was a sad end to Fox's X-Men franchise and it's now up to Marvel Studios to save the characters. The reboot is coming our way to the point in the next five years, but for now, some new content.

Released from some of the VFX houses that worked on Dark Phoenix (Street AWN), we get to see a number of key moments from the movie, most of which revolve around Jean Grey's transformation.

Along with before and after shots showing just how to get certain life on screen, we get to how Cyclops' optic blasts were added and how Kinberg mixed visual effects in order to bring that epic battle on the train to life. Regardless of whether you loved or loathed the movie, these are all admittedly very cool.

I know, to check out these Dark Phoenix stills, simply click on the "View List" button below!

Jessica Chastain's forgettable shape-shifter tried to take the Phoenix Force for herself and to get the power to be transferred from Jean so the alien can use it to reshape Earth.

The visuals in the Dark Phoenix were definitely impressive but this cloud of cosmic energy doesn't exactly resemble the Phoenix Force from the comics … perhaps it's somehow related to Galactus?

The effects of this sequence were not yet surprisingly apparent.

It's hard to surprise that Cyclops' octip blasts were brought to life with VFX and here we get to see before and after shot. These movies never fully explored, though the extent of his powers, though!

This was a very clever use of VFX to make the ground and crash land.

The train sequence was the result of reshoots but the best sequence in the entire movie! Here, we see the impact Jean's incredible powers have had on her surroundings.

Storm didn't really get a huge amount to do in the dark. Phoenix is ​​nowhere near as powerful as its comic book counterpart. However, it's great seeing her unleash the lightning in this shot.

It was really hard for me to do it for real. Here, we see that both Storm and the helicopters were added after the fact.

The Cerebro effects in Dark Phoenix they were pretty unique but it didn't really matter into the story all that much. Will Marvel Studios avoid using it? That definitely seems likely but time will tell.

When it was tapped into it to defeat Apocalypse around a decade ago but this is Fox we're talking about.

Jeanne's powers first showed themselves when she was child and Kinberg certainly wasn't afraid of the old ground after she had already delved into the character's history in X-Men: The Last Stand.

. (tagsToTranslate) Dark Phoenix may have been a flop (t) but it still featured some impressive visuals and these stills focus on Jean & # 39; s transformation (t) that train sequence (t) her original story (t) and more. Check them out here …

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