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Ariel Winter shows weight loss in short dress

Ariel Winter showed off her glam look in Westwood, California, this week as she appeared for an Ulta chic-looking event.

According to Daily mailWinter was photographed showing her impeccable figure while posing for photos during the event wearing a short dress.

In sexy snapshots, the Modern family the star is seen showing off a white mini dress with orange and red ornaments.

The dress embraced Ariel's curves and put her skinny legs on display because of the short skirt. The actress had her long red hair split in half and decorated with voluminous curls that fell over her back and around her shoulders as she posed for the camera.

The winter also wore a face full of makeup for the outing, which included dark eyebrows, thick eyelashes and a shimmering glow. He added blush pink on her cheeks, and a light pink color on her full lips to complete her glam look.

Ariel finished his ensemble with a pair of white six-inch heels and multiple rings on his fingers.

Even Ariel's dress showed her little waist, which was even smaller now that she made a change to the medicines that made her lose weight.

As previously reported by L & # 39; Inquisitr, Ariel Winter recently revealed his weight loss, revealing that changing his antidepressant has helped him lose a few pounds.

"For years I had been on antidepressants that made me gain weight that I couldn't lose, no matter what I did. It was always frustrating for me because I wanted to be able to get in shape and feel that the work I was doing was giving its fruits, but it never seemed so ", wrote Winter on Instagram.

The Modern family the star says that he is feeling much better after switching on the drug, even though he was reluctant to make the change to begin with.

Meanwhile, Ariel is paying attention to his recent weight loss, revealing that he continues to hit the gym and eat as clean as possible to stay strong and healthy.

The actress also revealed that she wouldn't mind taking a bit of weight in the form of muscles, and says that she hopes to concentrate on bringing back some bends in her booty while she's in the gym.

Fans can see more of Ariel Winter's life and her ever-changing looks following the actress on her social media accounts.

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